I'm afraid I can't tell you more about me, because I'm 96% positive that there's some alien conspiracy against me, trying to gather as much info on me as possible to be able to create a new me that will conquer and lead the Earth.

That being said, I am here to read books, and I read them a lot. I hardly ever vote, let alone comment, because frankly I'm the laziest person alive. So, I would appreciate it very much if you weren't pestering me via PMs to do so. And, and this is a really big 'and', fans/followers/whateveryouconsiderthemtobe should vote because they want to, and they think your story kicks butts, not because you put up an ultimatum of X votes to post the next chapter. I don't want to rain on your parade, but there are hundreds of other stories that can be read here on Wattpad, however great you think your story is. I'm not sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Though English is not my mother tongue, I would gladly edit chappies, because I hate mistakes as much as any other person on here, and I can help you with French too (and Macedonian, though I'm not even sure if there are Macedonians on here).

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