Alright, quick update.
          	I am alive, for those concerned. My college schedule was . . . ridiculous for lack of a better word. I was not expecting to be as busy as I was since I was only taking 3 classes, but honestly, I spent just about every waking second doing nothing but biochemistry, physical chemistry, and plain old chemistry. It's a miracle my brain hasn't completely turned to mush.
          	Anyway, I'm back and fully intend to update as much as possible during my winter break. I intend to update Agent 34 at least once first, before finishing those bonus chapters I've been promising for Agent 1 for far too long.
          	I also have a ton of other things I need to do both on wattpad, on my instagram, and on the discord server, but one thing at a time. First and foremost, I'm starting with Agent 34 and the bonus chapters for Agent 1. I'm also considering a number of other things, but I'll keep those details to myself for now.
          	Just know, I'm still alive, I'm not giving up writing (at least, not anytime soon), I will be finishing this series, and I will be updating soon-probably like tomorrow.
          	Any direct messages I have received I will be responding to within the next couple days, if I do not respond to your message within that time feel free to send it to me again and I will be sure to respond.
          	It feels so good to finally have the time to start writing again-well, I still need to make time for wrapping gifts for the holidays and some other family things, but otherwise.
          	Sorry it took me so long, but I'm back,


@Quidam13 at least you are not in raider division you know what mean


@Quidam13 I am really glad you are back