Ain't nobody got time for that

(BARELY online anymore)

Proud member of The Teenage Dirtbags:
Tommo my wifuuuu
Srij 50% sass 50% ass
Zaisa Don't mess with her (she will bite)
Zammy is an angel confirmed
Nialler a sneaky snek
Mehvish Freaking legend
Nicky my patient that's smarter then the advicer aka me
Vampie Best typing you'll ever see
Lord Jackie why are you so handsome omg
Zaima wholesome angel bean
"It is what it is"

Other amazayn people:
Lexie my love, voice of an angel
Farah from Sahara, is it your city? #RIPBRIAN
PG nerd like me but in a cool way
Alaina my son

Love these idiots, they're my family so don't mess with them.
Or I will find you, and I will pop you in the shnas

yOu cAn'T jUsT pOsT mEmE's eVeRyWhErE
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