"Life is like a box of chocolates.....
When you realize they're all caramel."
~ Mia

(Incase you didn't know, I hate caramel)

Hi! I'm Mia.
I'm guessing you just followed me because of that awesome quote.
Follow me and you get a follow back.
Here are a few things about me:
~ I'm a Girl
~ I like Harry Potter
~ I've read HP since I was 6
~ I am in 7th grade
~ I like The Hunger Games
~ I'm a Capricorn
~ I am a Gryffindor
~ I am a Daughter Of Athena
~ I am a Demigod
~ I am a HUGE Flash fan
~ I am a Muggleborn
~ I am a Tribute
~ I live in District Four
~ I'm Canadian
~ You can call me Mimi
~ My favourite food is Pomegranate
I'm also currently writing a few books, so go check them out!
I also make covers in my book,
The Covers book 📚
Ask me for one if you want! ---------------------
Ships: (In no specific order)
~ Hinny
~ Percabeth
~ Gruniper
~ Romione
~ Drapple
~ Nuna
~ Jily
~ Charliena
~ Chrislesse
~ Jiper/Jasper
~ Frazel (For Lyfe)
~ Caleo
~ Solangelo
~ Octavian x Kronos
~ Peetniss
~ Chickron
~ Barry x Iris
~ Cisco x Gypsi
~ Joe x Cecil
~ Batman x Wonder Woman
~ Starfire x Robin
And a lot more.........
My Mom is Athena and My Dad is Augustus Weasley. I also have a lot of half sisters and brothers (including Annabeth Chase).
I spend my summers in camp half-blood and go to school at Ilvermorny.
~ Harry Potter⚡️
~ Hunger Games 🏹
~ DC ☄️
~ The Flash⚡️
~ Arrowverse 🙎🏼‍♀️🙎🏼‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️
~ Percy Jackson 🌊
~ Miraculous Ladybug 🐞
~ The Selection 👑
~ Heroes Of Olympus 🔱
~ The Fault in Our Stars ✨
~ The Maze Runner 🏃🏻‍♂️
~ Divergent 💀

To-be-in fandoms:

~ Mortal Instruments 🎻 (idek)

If you wanna tell me about these ^^^^ fandoms, please no spoilers! 😁

~ Mia💋
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