2,000 Characters is not enough~ ._. My life is filled with too much crap to write down all of it.

I'll Tell you whatever I please then :D

× The name's Jessi. **Whoa. I just read that like a pirate.**

× I can never finish a story because I run out of Ideas or just time in general.

× I draw anime and doodle for fun.. (I love singing also, even though I'm not very good.)

× I have many social Media accounts. ;D

× I Have My Own Language.
Meit bogomees loliek'ci botis.

3=(v [[ *0* v) OMFG. IT'S A FIESH!?!
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But this, is not what I think...

But this, is not what I think...

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In this story Jessi, the main character, and her friend Farrah go to a concert. The singer being the la...

In My Head.

In My Head.

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Love Me, Love Me Not?

Love Me, Love Me Not?

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Story Reading List