Hello everyone out there. 
You can call me Cupcake or Dell.

-That's me in the picture. you don't see me? Right there. Where? There. Where? There. The cupcake? Yep you've got it. Don't I look delicious?

- I am totally random and no, pineapples don't wear bikinis.

- People think I am weird. I am not weird, am just limited edition and highly creative. OK, maybe I am weird.

- I like changes. A lot of lot of changes (good changes). Have you ever tried popcorn in ice cream?

- I like red because it reminds me of blood( I like blood for some unknown reason). And I love all the other colours that exists. you name it, I like it.

- When I was younger, Dracula the comedy gave me nightmares. Yes, seriously! I thought it was a scary movie until I watched it again and found out it wasn't. I was such a wimp back then.

- I'm not a big fan of short forms. I prefer creative writing. whatever that might be.

- No, I don't have facebook because I deactivated it and wrote rubbish as the password so I won't remember it and never will be able to open it. So I'm using my sissy's.

- Unicorns take the left, penguins take the right, llamas take the front, smurfs take the back and...ATTACK!

-Do the chicken.cockcorokooo...

LEARN CHINESE! (Read Out Loud)
1. That's not right - Sum Ting Wong
2. Are you harbouring a fugitive - Hu Yu Hi Ding
3. See me ASAP - Kum Hia
5. Did you go to the beach - Wai Yu So Tan
6. Small horse - Ti Ni Po Ni

You can talk to me people. Don't be shy, I won't eat you.
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