Hi! My name is Rachel, I am half-Korean and half-White. Some things I like:
✨Writing (of course)
✨Hanging out with my friends
✨Video games
✨Meeting new people
✨Korean food
✨Korea in general
✨I do love the USA too

Some things I dislike:
•Pork. Unless it's like fancy iberico pork.
•Over sexualized book covers
•Teen/Young Adult Novels (nervously glances at Welcome to The Club of Delinquents)
•People who aren't nice
•People who copy my stories . . . Seriously don't

Alright! So besides that. I love to write stories with new ideas no one has thought about. So, if you're looking for something totally new to read this is the place!

This is also the place for reverse harems, that is my specialty.

**Want me to update more? I really appreciate meaningful comments! It could just be a sentence about a character or something you liked/disliked. Not "please update," or, "wow great chapter". These do nothing for me. I'm in college and also working two jobs. So when I spend time writing instead of studying/working and post an update and get empty replies or . . . just votes it doesn't make me want to write again. Sorry if this sounds selfish but it's just how life is right now for me.**

If any one wants me to reply or has a question, please message me if you want a definite response. I don't usually reply to comments on stories, and if I do that means I'm currently VERY active. . . Or I'm trying to boost my story by replying to comments

And sometimes I will reply to comments on the message board-thingy. But like I said, if you want a definite reply please direct message ^^

I am friendly so don't be afraid to reach out to me!

-Welcome to The Club of Delinquents
-Beast to Prince

[Currently Writing]
-Pursuing the North Star
-Ex Marks the Spot

[Discontinued For Now]
-Butterfly Knot
-More Than A Pet
-I Don't Care You're Dead
-Guilty Pursuits and Hearts
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