I am a male.
I am rather tall.
I do not take reading requests.
I do not follow back.
I'm rather closed off, because my friends, (listed down below), seem to no longer be as active as they once were.

I miss you guys :D <3

If you wanna talk, I guess I'm game, just have something worth-while and interesting to stay. Don't think we'll be instant friends though, because no one can replace those listed down below.

+_!_~_! SONG OF RIGHT NOW !_~_!_+


These are my peeps. They're really awesome so you should follow them all.









_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So, yeah. Follow them! OR BE EXECUTED! They are all awesome writers, and the best people!

Yeah - I am lazy right now, so this is all I got. ByE!
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    Classified by the CIA
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PsychoStars PsychoStars Jul 16, 2016 07:43AM
Hey everyone! Made a post to "My Poetry". It's really just an edited and "oomphed" up version of 'Seasons' with a but more depth. Hope you enjoy!
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Description: Collection of poetry all written by me, and quotes or phrases or sayings by me. I may add in other poems and quotes that are not by me, and if I do, credit will be given where credit is due.


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