Hey, I'm Parthasarathi Singh! I have a penchant for writing, and as a kid I used to write some sort of absurd fanfic, but now I've cultivated my talent, and I write science fiction. It may appear as an irony to you that I'm a fan of both The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter, no hypocrisy there. My primary influences have always been Dan Brown, Ms. J.K. Rowling, Chetan Bhagat, and, more recently, Paulo Coelho. Besides that I run a band of singers called 'The Gangbang Boys', 'coz music is my life. Yes sirree! Not a day goes without me listening to music in any form. I also go by the name of DJ Death Spider (you can search for 'djdeathspider' on Tindeck), and remix songs. Finally, coming to my personality. Honest comments are always welcome, but if criticism becomes too personal, get ready to park your a** elsewhere! My favourite saying? "Aim for the moon. Even if you don't go high enough, atleast you'll land among the stars!" And what's my favourite subject? No doubt, biology, as I have good cause to tell y'all that I'm a bio student. And oh, if you like my writings, vote 'em up or comment. Criticism is always welcome! And if you find my name a mouthful, you can always call me just Pat.  If you fan me, I'm sure to fan you back, and if you vote on any of my stories in the positive, I'll definitely return the favour. Thank you!
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Stories by Psk Da Charioteer
Sons of IUPAC by PskDaCharioteer
Sons of IUPAC Science Fiction
The earth already ended in 2012, thanks to a freak accident caused by a meteorite falling into the North Pole, and, simultaneously, the Large Hadron Collider going bust. In the future, most of humanity lives in Eur...
Pokemon: Global Adventure by PskDaCharioteer
Pokemon: Global Adventure Fanfiction
What if Pokemon existed in the world we live in right now? What if they were created by some crazy genetic engineer? What would life be like? Wanna know? Read on!
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