I started my law degree last year September
          	Crazy crazy


@ProudlyNigerian OMG when are you going to update the secret like of a housemaid? I've BEEN STARVING!! PLEASE UPDATE I even thought you quitted wattpad


Cece how are you?  Please when are you updating? I love this story so much that I even searched for related stories since you weren't updating, I still haven't found contentment. 
          Please when are you updating? 


Please update soon. I know people go thru stuff but ur stories help us get thru life. Being a Nigerian is nothing to be ashamed off. It's just how good a person u make ur self tgat matters. I hope u are finished with ur law programme. All rg the best.,!!


@jummyshubby Aww I'm not ashamed of anything lol, about to finish this year but going to law school soon


Hello could you please finish the write up on barren wolf I  curiously am waiting 

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