My name is Lisa and i'm 17 :D
My birthday is April 7th
I live in Birmingham, but i'm Scottish and proud :D
My favourite films and books are Harry Potter. Films also include Home Alone.
My favourite band is All Time Low and i went to see them on March 4 2011 and 28 January 2012 I met Jack and talked with him about pens for 10 minutes :D
I enjoy reading fanfics about All Time Low.
I get very hyper, Very Very easily especially if i have had irn-bru, rockstar, lucozade or even AIR
I'm a very LOUD person and i'm proud to admit that i was born ginger and i dye my hair black *this doesnt make me EMO* :)
I'm a very happy person, most of the time and i'm abnormal
One day I WILL marry Jack Barakat and We'll get married in Disneyland or WWOHP.
I listen to kerrang radio.
I enjoy Drama and theatre. I have been in Bugsy Malone Before twice :)
I have 1 brother who lives with his girlfriend and they have a son, named after his daddy, Michael :)
I am currently studying Dance and Health + Social Care for my GCSE :) Year 11 Baby FINAL YEAR :D
I done work experience with emi-may :) I stayed at hers for 2 weeks straight :D We went to see HP7 on 15 July 2011
I love the Australian accent.
and that's about it :D
I don't care what other people say, but two guys kissing turns me on :)

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Proud_Slytherin Proud_Slytherin Apr 08, 2012 07:41PM
To anyone who is wondering. Soon as in a couple of days, not today though sorry. It's easter and my birthday was yesterday so spending time with the family :) Thanks.
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