• Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I also like thrillers, and prefer adult over teen fiction.
• That said, I read books from almost all genres except erotica (just, no.), fan fiction, Vampire (for some reason, I find I can stomach the concept of humans transforming into hounds much better than them doing so into leeches. No offense intended to those who prefer the order vice versa.) and sappy romances. Admittedly, there are some of the latter in my reading lists, and most historicals are kinda sappy, but I'm a Jane Austen fan through and through, and I don't mind the sappiness much as long as it's set in a previous century. Also, PMS is an excuse I use for reading cheesy books.
• Authors I like (or used to like): Jane Austen (duh), the Bronté sisters (especially Charlotte), Philippa Gregory, Tehmina Durrani, Oscar Wilde, Nora Roberts, Jodi Picoult, Jeffery Archer, Sydney Sheldon, Khaled Hosseini, Sophie Kinsella and Nicholas Sparks.
• Inkzerospace is my favorite author on Wattpad. Others include hepburnettes, northbynorth, meganlockhart, cerebral_1, shehopes, larablunte, hmmcghee and ashful.
P.S. I keep changing my username, I have a knack for stupid ones. The last one was ParanoidBagel.
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