Some things about my💯% fabulous✨self😉:
•I live and breathe anime. I mostly watch shounen-ai or yaoi but I will occasionally watch isekai or slice of life anime.
•I'm a bit crazy😋, shy😊 , and emotional😭
•I'm a huge fujoshi
•I don't believe in love(like dating or marriage) but I'm a sucker for cliches
•I love children
•I'm practically a cat
•My books are my babies if I see even a dent on one I'll kill you😊
•I'm pretty much bipolar
•I'm the mother in our friend group, but sometimes I'm the child
•I like to learn different languages
•I like to give advice
•I'm a bit of a yandere(the possessive type, not the possessive then kill you one nor the possessive and kill other people one)
•I have a dirty mouth that needs to be cleaned with bleach and holy water.
•My head is always in the clouds
•Winter is my favorite season
•I love when it's raining
•I like to think of constructing machines that can be used to solve very small problems, sometimes I do construct them when I have the time and the resources.
•I'm a Slytherin(best house ever)
•I'm a teenager
•I'm a tomboy
•Zodiac sign- Aquarius
•Birthday-February 12
•I like to make friends so feel free to PM me
•I normally text in pictures if I can but sometimes I try not to because what if a person doesn't understand what I'm trying to say
•I can be pushy at times
•I love memes
•I love science
•I love to read
•I'm straight
•I like to pull pranks
•Killua is my number one husbando
•I don't like to repeat myself
•I have OCD( obsessive-compulsive disorder) and ADHD(attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)
•I support the LGBTQIA+ community
•When I'm angry I start to curse in Japanese
So that's all about me for now until I can think of something else.

I can also help you to proofread your stories so if you want me to proofread any of your stories just PM me

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Girlfriend: @jungkookieee2
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