I'm a horrifying Green Day fan, i recently started listening to Blink 182 and The Offspring, and I'm about to critically fall in love with the Ramones, Sum 41 and Foo Fighters!! (you can't describe it in words how much I love Green Day.) 

I also have a unfullfiled dream of writing and that's probably the only reason why I'm here. (Even tho my writing is shit)

I'm a lonely bastard and my bass, which I named Thumper, is my whole world.

Once i played from 1 PM to 4 AM and the next day I couldn't move my fingers. I still don't feel the fingers on my left hand and the fret marks are still visible...

Have I mentioned I love Green Day?

Mike Dirnt is my idol.

Welcome To Paradise bass solo is my holy grail.

My mom is the reason why I wear "normal" clothes and I'm not allowed to listen to punk (but you can't keep me away from it...)

I'm a manipulative sonuvabitch and that's practically how I survive. (That's how I got Thumper and how I hide my music)

▪Green Day
▪Sum 41
▪Foo Fighters
▪The Offspring
▪Blink 182

... I'm sorry, but
I can't stand emos. I prefer laughing to dumb shit just to fuck with who ever put us in this hell hole called life, and you guys just fuck me up completely... I'm a pure punker so NO EMO BANDS...

Again, I don't hate you guys, I just hate what you do to me.

Yea, yea, depression is real and shit, but I prefer not being depressed 24/7. How could I find time for pranks, music and making bulletproof plans of hiding and running if depression ruled my life??


Punk is a state of mind with the anarchy in your head telling you to give up on the lives, careers or kids you could have had. It's an overwhelming moment of pleasure when you realize that you'r standing in front of a mosh pit, watching your life fall to pieces.

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