~~~I think I'm leaving Wattpad, mates! I'm so sorry for leaving, but maybe I'll be back one day. But only if you promise one thing; you live your life happy and to the fullest! I love you all<3~~

I'm Seth Chance Hunters. Who are you?

I hate these about me things...so I'll make you a list!

*I'm a drummer! Cheaa!
*I have a bad habit of smoking
*I love to skateboard!
*I'm ripper! (means awesome!)
*I absoloutly love animals, but can't kick the habit of eating meat just yet
*I'm originally from Australia, and just moved to Canada a year ago
*My music consists of system of a down, shadow's fall, and a day to remember
*Pierced and inked!
*I'm 17! My backround picture is an oldie
*The kitten is Aurora, and she appears cute, but she's a troublemaker

Seth's Aussi Dictonary!

Ace------Awesome, cool

Ripper-----Also awesome, also cool


If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm your guy! Unlike most people on this site, I'm not on mobile, only computer, so please be patient as I can't carry my computer around my outside life...it could get broken.

@LindsayDrummond <--This girl is amazing and my bestest friend ever! Talk to her! :D <3

@Dlovesyou <--This is my second best friend, even though he's a major w@nker.

@SavingHeR <--She left without telling me...And I miss her...

@MissyLovesAndySixx <--She understands my narwhal problems! :O :)

@fanglover13 <--She deserves the best <3

@LightsGoDown <--One of my bestest Wattpad friends ever! <3 She thinks I'm gay though :l (I'm straight!)

@cookiesRus <-- She always makes my day! xD <3

Note to everyone who is reading this: Be kind, compassionate, and never, ever end a conversation on bad terms. Another suggestion: Always tell friends and family you love them. You never know when you will lose them.

R.I.P Mom <3
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PreyforPray PreyforPray 3 years ago
@RaeOfSunshine  Hey mate! :D
      @sazhar Hey! :) Well, a lot has happened and I just don't think I'm the same guy anymore :/ Aurora is good! Except she's being bad today and dragging stuff around the...
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