Konichiwa minna!
I like writing but I'm not very confined with my ideas and writing skills . I'm a HUGE anime fan and also a HUGE gamer , I play all kinds of game and I watch all kinds of anime.
Here are some fact about me:
1. I'm a harry potter fan and my house is Gryffindor .
2. My favorite anime I have watched (so far)is Naruto.
3.I love roleplaying , for example I have a Naruto character named Rin hyuga.
4.I love reading books.
5. I love to draw, I draw anime and semi realism.
6. I'm introvert when it comes to meeting new people , but I'm also really quite when I'm with my friend and when I'm around anyone( like family, etc.)
7. I'm a HUGE Alice and Wonderland fan, I just love everything about it!!
That's a little bit about me!
Sayonara! See you guys later!!
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