I'm 15 years old
I am a Virgo ♍
My bestfrann is a Gemini ♊ who happens to be a twin oh n she's "A child of God" so she's say
I Am the the 8th out of 10 kids but unfortunately 3 did not survive

I am openly lesbian
I am DOMINANT and likes collars and leashes
If u call me a certain word things will happen
So don't be afraid to inbox me or private message me ..... I kid, I kid ... Well no .. yeah I kid
I very quite single. I am possessive n protective of wat is mine.

Do not, I repeat do not threaten my family/friends or bring them into something that has to do with u n me like a Lil bitch. The worst thing u can do is that.
My mom n grandma say they gon 'bring me back to my girly ways' which if u ask me I never had unless I was a toddler n baby cuz they forced me to wear it.
I hate the fact that me n my siblings had to dress a like when A) we aren't even twins. B) we like 4 or more years apart from each other C) We barely like each other D) We fucking hated it
But I love my fucked up, crazy, weird family cuz we fucked up, crazy, n weird together plus we'll beat a hoe ass if they try us

If you ask me my library is full of werewolf and LGBT+ books
I am a hybrid with what ever I feel like at the time
I speed most of my time reading and listening to music

I don't give no fucks if you have a problem with me or the LGBT+ Community because I am who I am
If I don't like u I will tell u straight up that I don't fuck with u
I probably use the word gay way more than some ppl would like

If you follow me I will follow you so be sure to follow me. it might not happen right away but still
I don't really reply to PM's
And also if you actually kept reading to the end then I have something to say


"Everyone Needs Love Weather they think so or not but not everyone deserves it nor forgiveness" ~ Me

Also I fucking 🖤❤️ FIFTH HARMONY deadass they my Queens so is Camila
Fuck all u haters
I ship em
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Poseidon_Athena_14 Poseidon_Athena_14 Nov 08, 2017 08:00PM
My friends and teachers just tried my fucking existence .... they Said 5H n Camila Cabello r ugly n have no talent ..... I️ shut tf down bruh like I️ can’t with they ass glad it’s the last block 2 ha...
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