Hello everyone I'm back although no one knows who I used to be. I'm glad to be back under different user although I'm not doing the same stories as before. People have been stealing my stories so I made new user in an attempt to rid all the ones stealing my stories. I hope that all my fans return and read my new book that I'm sure all can relate

Love Porcelain N.H.
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Porcelain89 Porcelain89 Apr 24, 2016 06:56AM
The Breeders will be posted my time tomorrow at 9:00 pm excited to see your reactions this new chapter!!
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The Breeders

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Description: We are all werewolves under the control of humans. Our kind has been outed by other species allowing our kind to lose power over the humans. The tower sends of waves that keep us in their control. We shift...


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Master, power control ability of controlling, owner of slaves, animals. Slave, a person who is the prope...


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