&middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck&

yo i'm mia
• 16 years
• red & purple
• pizza rocks
• almost lead singer of the ultraviolets
• 5'3
• i have a stripe in my hair get the fuck over it and don't bug me about it
• music is my drug; it makes me feel high & happy & keeps me from killing myself
• if you screw with my family or friends you won't live to see another day
• i have this problem of not caring enough about anything
• punk rock
• suck it up princess
• help yourself because no one else cares enough to save you
• ethan herrera
• lowkey lovin alex
• i wanna change but i don't
• i'm static, dramatic, and kind of an asshole
• "i am aware that i am an asshole. i really don't care about all of that, though"
• lowercase intended
• i appreciate feedback on my work, thanks
• i just wanna get the hell out of school
• nothing left for me in this god damn city
• i just wanna be in a band tbh
• pansexual
• gender queer
• proud as hell
• tired of people ignoring my pronouns. please fucking use them. they're there for a fucking reason
•pronouns:: he/him-they/them-she/her (written in preferred order)
• i'm short but i can still beat your ass
• water polo
• swim
  • probably at an Ultraviolets concer staring down Ethan
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maybe I can paint a picture with the colors in my veins
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