I am a Hufflepuff.
I love pokemon.
I play flute.
I am awesome. But young.
I am not very brave but i love people who are.
My best friend helps me do crazy things.
I love to draw.
I can not write but i love writing(weird right?)
I love ice cream.
I love roses.
I am hopeless romantic.
My favorite color is red/purple.
I hate anime girls' outfits. Honestly I would never wear anything like that and I don't know anyone who would. Can you?
I look wicked in black and white.
I have read over 500 books in a school year.
My favorite movie series is Jaws. Got it from my mom.
My favorite disney movie is sleeping beauty.

For some unknown reason I have this idea suck in my head. It goes like this: (this is twilight after Edward left and Bella's change)

As the war raged on, Bella ripped apart countless newborns, trying to protect the ones she once and still love.

The Cullens, while still fighting couldn't help looking at Bella every now and then. Seeing her as she was now was horrible. Seeing her kill without mercy.

But there was differences in her fighting from earlier. Almost like there was a different person fighting the battle. Just like Jasper. Jasper's body is currently in control of the Major, killing almost as many as Bella.

Finally the battle was over but Bella was still tense. She started collecting body parts as the Cullens came closer.

What they didn't know was this wasn't Bella. This was a darker side, coming out to protect Bella. And the Cullens hurt Bella like no one else.

Bella's body turned towards the Cullens and smiled. It wasn't a 'I'm happy you are ok' smile. It was full of pain and anger.

"Bella?" Edward called. Bella's body lifted a hand to her face, making a shh face.

"Shh. Bella's sleeping. I'm in control." It purred, smiling a sick smile.

"Can we have Bella back?" Jasper asked. "No", It said before sprinting off. Seven bodies following after, wanting their Bella.
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