@Anime_For_Life_20 hi! How are you doing? ^.^


 Who doesn't like Donuts! 


@Pokemon-Trainer99 Hoopa likes Dounuts! I like dounuts


Hi. I am writing a story about pokemon and Latios. it's call (When the last Petal drops). I wished that you guys can read it and give some comment. And if can please vote. And if the owner of this account isn't happy, private message me and I will take out this message. Thanks.


Nice story's I'm writing a story called lost pikachu and I'm stuck in the first chapter I have writers block. And some of your pojemone would be really good in my story if its ok with you may I use some of them?  I will only be using like 1 or 2 but only if your ok with it


You are a wonderful writer, nice to meet you. I have became a very big fan of urs. Plz can u write more stories like this