Hello there~! ♥

My name is Alisha and I look the best under fluorescent lights.

I have grown rather tired of sticking to numerous pseudonymous, so as you can see I don't mind for you to know my name.

I'm a vegetarian, a bookworm, and an extreme otaku.

I am the proud owner of a pet ferret - Ferret Milo Malfoy Bueller. ♥♥♥

I find it easier to write fanfiction, but for this site I think I shall attempt to post things of a little more original nature.

I have the sweetest boyfriend in the whole wide world (but obviously, as it always is with smitten girlfriends, this is simply my own opinion) and he is the lord of all shirt pockets and obscure films.

I try to update as much as possible, but I spend most of my summer nights scaling buildings and sprinting in thunderstorms. Day-time is for sleep, that's definite.
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Tenacity Blues.

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