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Welcome to the place where a nerdy twelve year old (turning thirteen on February third!) writes all her cringy ideas with the help of anime characters.

"Hey there guys, my name's Haru and this is my co-host, Bakugou." Haru smiled as she popped up onto the screen along with Bakugou.

"If you want, you can read Haru's crappy stories 'cause that's all this account is here for but I don't care."

"Bakugou, my stories aren't crappy!" Haru cried.

Alois broke down the door with his heels and ran over to comfort Haru.

"Bakugou made Haru cry! How dare he!" Alois kicked Bakugou out and slammed the door. "Anyways, we hope you enjoy the stories!"

My co-hosts:
Kou❤️Kanato❤️Azusa❤️Shu❤️Subaru❤️Mikaela❤️Kuroko❤️Kagami❤️Yurio❤️Len❤️Syo❤️Natsuki❤️Ai❤Otoya❤Levi❤️Saeyoung❤️Saeran❤️Zen❤️Jumin❤️Yoosung❤️Jaehee❤Kyoya❤️Kaoru❤️Ciel❤️Alois❤️Sebastian❤️Claude❤️Rin❤️Haru❤️Makoto❤️Nagisa❤️Rei❤️Izaya❤️Shizuo❤️Izuku❤️Bakugou❤️Todoroki❤Kirishima❤Chat Noir/Adrien❤️Tomoe❤️Nagisa❤️Karma❤️
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Just jamming out to a playlist of anime and vocaloid songs while writing the new chapter for The Host Club's Hostess. WE WERE BORN TO MAKE HISTORY!!!
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