Hey guys!!!! So I am a major read-oholic!!! I am either reading online, or books in class, walking home, or any spare time I have. I am fifteen, and love writing and reading!!! I have too many ideas in my head so i have to write them down.  

Top 10 facts about me:

*Music is my life! I listen to it everywhere.

*I live in Canada!

*I love skiing! Especially in the rocky Mountains.

*I am pretty chill person, but can be very silly with my family and closet friends

*I have a cat, and he is totally my baby!

*I have one younger sister.

*I believe there is no such thing as normal. To me everyone is different, and there is no possible way to be normal.

* Lastly I am a hopeless romantic. I love romance, and teen love! I find it so sweet!
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PinkForever200 PinkForever200 Aug 02, 2013 05:19AM
@StrawberryKay  Your so welcome!  Really love your story! Different from the other werewolf stories I have read, but a good different! :)
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Description: Annabelle is back in Cresten Valley after two years form being attacked by a wolf. She has never be the same since then. Always back talking to those she hates, and being quiet, and shy to those who don't know...


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