~an asshole but not 100% a dick~

Hello there everyone! You have successfully stumbled across my page. If I'm cool enough for you to fan, welcome to the Muppet family and I hope you enjoy your stay here on 21 Jump Street.

Acceptable Nicknames:
-Bucky Barnes

Right so I'm AJ (which is a pen name for all writing purposes*) and I like to write (pretty obvious, huh). I enjoy reading medical journals in my pajamas while watching reruns of Star Trek and crying over marvel superheroes. I'm very into crime dramas and scifi dramas and crappy abc family sitcoms.

And hey, while I have you all here, check out my friends! They're all sweethearts and they write beautifully.

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So anyway thanks for checking me out and I hope you're having a great day!

Kirk out.

Tumblr: http://www.gcneroe.tumblr.com

*I'm not entirely sure why I use a pen name here when I have my name on my tumblr and I have a link to it right there but...call me whatever really it's interchangeable I've always kind of wanted to be an Avery anyway, so
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heyyyyy you guys so I'm not gonna be on wattpad much? officially starting now I wasn't on much before but it's like an official permanent hiatus I guess? like I'll be on sometimes to talk to people o...
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Red (Co-written by PacoLeonn!)

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Description: In this story, you will be taken on a remarkable journey, featuring one of time's oldest tales: Little Red Riding Hood. Set in modern day Canada, a seventeen year old girl by the name of Lyric lives in the wo...


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