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Right so I'm AJ (which is a pen name for all writing purposes*) and I like to write (pretty obvious, huh). I enjoy reading medical journals in my pajamas while watching reruns of Star Trek and crying over marvel superheroes. I'm very into crime dramas and scifi dramas and crappy abc family sitcoms.

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*I'm not entirely sure why I use a pen name here when I have my name on my tumblr and I have a link to it right there but...call me whatever really it's interchangeable I've always kind of wanted to be an Avery anyway, so
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Description: In this story, you will be taken on a remarkable journey, featuring one of time's oldest tales: Little Red Riding Hood. Set in modern day Canada, a seventeen year old girl by the name of Lyric lives in the woods, just beyond the high school. Her gr...

heyyyyy you guys so I'm not gonna be on wattpad much? officially starting now I wasn't on much before but it's like an official permanent hiatus I guess? like I'll be on sometimes to talk to people or keep up with friend's works but I truly won't be on mostly ever.
      it's a combination of things really: number one being that I have a lot of school stuff but number two (and the biggest reason) being that I think I've simply outgrown wattpad? so I'll still come around to talk to friends and I'll be keeping my profile so I can keep my fave stories and talk to everyone but don't be surprised if it takes me a while to respond?
      if you wanna keep in contact or whatever I'm a lot more active on tumblr so go visit me there but yeah this is a message to announce my mostly permanent hiatus.
      thanks guys!
      Like how great were the first two episodes how great was the premiere how absolutely 100% flawless was peggy carter ooooooooooohhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyyy gggggggooooooooddddd.
      I am actually so incoherent rn I just watched it again when I got back from school and I'm freaking out over it all over again bc?????? Omg???? Peggy using her femininity to get things done without being the cliche femme fatale, peggy taking on the superhero role with jarvis, a man, as her sidekick, peggy straight up kicking butt out in the field, peggy sticking it to sexist jerks, peggy mourning steve without being portrayed as the whiny love interest who does nothing but live for her significant other, peggy taking all her hardships one at a time and still staying strong enough to be 100% perfect at everything she does and shutting everything down oh my god I can't. Everything about this show is perfect really, if you haven't seen it yet or you have no idea what I'm talking about, pls watch it it is now available for purchase on iTunes if you've got the money it is so good you will not regret it at all.
      Man I love this show I can't believe it's only a miniseries I need like three hundred seasons and at least five movies god bless agent carter tbh.
      Also the new fall out boy song, irresistible came out today, which is another plus. But mostly this is me telling you to watch agent carter bc if you don't then I'm not sure we can be friends.
Musical opening night yeehaw I'm gonna be out until TEN and then I have to come home go right to bed and get up in the morning
Loki??? In Age of Ultron?????????? Are you actually kidding me he has nothing to do with ultron he's never had anything to do with ultron he should never have anything to do with ultron I'm sick of this "Loki is the best put him in everything" deal like really are you kidding me why is he being put in as part of this movie when there is much cooler stuff you could be focusing on?
      Such a list includes:
      -QUICKSILVER AND THE SCARLET WITCH, two actual avengers who actually matter. I swear to god if Loki cuts out of their screen time just bc everyone wants to do the do with him I will scream.
      -Nat's backstory! I saw the ballerinas in the trailer and I am impressed, but again if we get more Loki than Nat backstory I will storm Marvel HQ and demand a complete script rewrite.
      -Um Cap in the aftermath of winter soldier? And maybe this is just bc I have hella Cap bias BUT it is kind of important I mean he has to be dealing with a lot you don't just discover that your best friend is alive and brainwashed and possibly gaining back his sense of humanity and then decide eh we're good I'm fine.
      -Clint! Bc Clint is my baby boo and I swear to god if Loki screws with him again in this movie I will actually scream I got like four lines from Clint in the first movie and that is not enough all right Clint over Loki 2k14.
      -Stuff about Thor that DOESN'T revolve around Loki!! Bc while Loki is a big area in Thor's story, he has OTHER VILLAINS and OTHER STORIES wow it's almost like Thor and Loki are two completely separate entities hot diggity dang.
      -Bruce! Character development for Bruce would be nice.
      -As the movie is titled AVENGERS 2: Age of ULTRON and not "Loki The Movie: Loki Comes In And Does Whatever He Wants Simply Bc People Think He's Hot," the avengers and ultron seem more important. I'm just saying.
      I mean I am okay with Heimdall. 10/10 for Idris Elba am I right.
OKAY BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT AOU LET'S TALK ABOUT CLINT BARTON LET'S TALK ABOUT STEVE ROGERS LET'S TALK ABOUT MARVEL'S MOVIE LIST FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS (except for Civil War, I mean Captain America 3: The Civil War?? Frick that give me cap and bucky or give me nothing I am not here for civil war) LET'S GET HYPED ABOUT MARVEL TOGETHER GUYS LET'S DO IIIIIT