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I write stuff like fanfiction and Original story that come out from my big, ass creativity world aka my brain; is the source of all those fanfiction I wrote. Minus 100 Themes Challenges.

Fandom: YGO DM/GX | Dragon Age | Mass Effect | Free! | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure | GARO | Thief (Video Game) | Dishonored (A video game people) | Red vs. Blue | And possible Halo, why? Let just say one my friend is getting me into to it | Destiny | The Evil Within

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I will never be satisfied my about me until I actually am happy about it
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Ready, Set, Duel

Social data: 184 reads. 17 votes. 2 comments.

Description: Ready, Set, Duel ( 1/5 ) Nana Akiza is just your average duelists, who slowly become friends with Yugi and his gang. After Solomon Mutou's soul mysteriously disappeared from a mystery game call Shadow Realm...


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[Yu-Gi-Oh!] DM Various x Readers Oneshots

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] DM Various x Readers Oneshots

449 35 10

.:: Credits to it artist for using the cover for this oneshot ::. No lemons, mature shit contains here...

Indestructible .:{Red vs. Blue Fanfic}:.

Indestructible .:{Red vs. Blue Fanfic}:.

235 31 2

Okay, okay holy shit. I swear I’m going to suck at this, I’m gonna suck at writing this and regret this...

Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios

Yu-Gi-Oh! Boyfriend Scenarios

34.2K 1K 184

Enjoy by your favorite character from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Flesh [Ayato Kirishima x Reader]

Flesh [Ayato Kirishima x Reader]

40 2 0

You were his flesh, his personal drug addiction. He couldn't get over how delicious you are. But he nev...

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List