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Indestructible .:{Red vs. Blue Fanfic}:.

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Description: Okay, okay holy shit. I swear I’m going to suck at this, I’m gonna suck at writing this and regret this. I know what you’re going to ask ‘Then why bother to write it?’ because one, I love to write and two, I d...


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[ A Mass Effect Trilogy Fanfic. ] All Character belongs rightfully to Bioware. The Create-Shepard in th...

Dead Caller

Dead Caller

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Two young teenagers set their foot on their high school. One of them left a book to realize it was a rep...

[ P O I S O N ]

[ P O I S O N ]

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{ Tokyo Ghoul : Ayato Fanfiction } Each words I say, carries one tiny poison. Drip by drip in ever sent...

Pharaoh Love

Pharaoh Love

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Nana, an average duelist and owner of her Millennium belt, she attempt domino High school until current...


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Story Reading List

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