Hey. I'm deletrear, and I'm super fucking gay. Pretty much all of my stories have heavy LGBT+ influences. If this bothers you... I don't care. If this pleases you, tell me and we can shout about it together. It'll be nice. Team bonding.

I don't often visit this profile because I'm serious so lazy and I forget it exists most of the time, but I have some stories up and running if you're interested? I suppose. They're all fanfiction and you can decide on what exactly that makes me and you'll probably be right.

(If you message me asking whether or not I'd eat a glass bowl without any repercussions then the answer is gonna be: hell yeah I would.)

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PickledPuppy PickledPuppy Jun 11, 2015 05:59PM
I only have three stories and they aren't even popular but I /swear/ I had this one Naruto-has-a-cousin-thing and it was... Alright, I suppose.I could always rewrite that actually... Huh, well, ther...
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walking into the arena  [Teen Wolf & Harry Potter] by PickledPuppy
walking into the arena [Teen Wolf & Harry Potter] Fanfiction
Whoever said the dead tell no tales had never considered the existence of Banshees before. Or a bored Harry Potter living vicariously through a teenage prom queen. [Fem!Harry. Genfic. MOD!Harry.]
Tuesdays with Rosalie [Twilight] by PickledPuppy
Tuesdays with Rosalie [Twilight] Fanfiction
Even since the change, Rosalie has the uncanny ability to know people - their desires, their intentions, the darkness of their souls. She would look at you and know, instinctively, the size and stench of the most r...
hell is considered a promotion [Batfamily] by PickledPuppy
hell is considered a promotion [Batfamily] Fanfiction
Nightwing is not the first vigilante to grace Blüdhaven's halls, but he does have the honor of being the second. And the nicest. OC-centric. Non-chronological. Drabbles.
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