Howdy yall! Bleh no... I don't usually talk like that, I don't even like the word yall.... 

ANYWAYS! My name is Clara-Sage, I've been told this is an "awesome name. To high-class to be a porn star but probably the name of a high-class escort." I take that as a complement! :D

ANYWAYS! I write anything I feel like!
But mostly Fan-Fic:
Justice League
Batman Movies
Anything with Heath Ledger
Any other anagram
Any other movie that I suddenly love and want to be a part of!

I don't know how many people will look at this but I will do requested One-Shots! I want to write more and I think having people request things will keep me up to speed.
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This Has Got To Be a Joke {Joker Story}

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Description: Clara Adams is an undercover cop. Her one job: locate and stop The Joker. Great sounding job, I know. But she does it all the same. Locating The Joker is one thing, stopping him is another. See how one simple...


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Never Trust a Gypsy {Young Justice}

Never Trust a Gypsy {Young Justice}

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Zoe Cole was raised on Themyscira by none other than Wonder Woman. Zoe loves it on the island, however...

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