OFFICIAL Wife of De'Aaron Martez Fox ? ?? ?
Mother of Dominic Symba Fox ???
Sister of Killumantii & Deetranada ???

Instagram: pho.neice
Snapchat: phoneice00
Twitter: phoneice00

I AM Πηεια (Pheia)

Welcome to the humble mind of Pheia Jai and the other things she has to offer. Meet the personalities.....

Miki ?? is that freak hoe and hell-raiser.

Pheia ?? is very carefree with her opinion and loves wearing Beezy's sweats.

Pheia Jai ?? is the one who doesn't care now but regrets most decisions later on.

Blac Halo ?? is the one you don't wanna meet if you do meet her, I beg for you to stay away to not end up hurt.

Sayvon ?? is ... Well, she still has to figure herself out.

We're all bi ?, but Pheia and Blac ?

Glo day is August 1st ♌️ ?

Boys I with bottom grills or braces are soul snatchers

Chocolate is the best ?
Oh, the candy is too ? ; sorry, I swear I'm addicted to melanin ??♂️?

Did it out of love ❤️

My followers are Phoneicans ?

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