Hello! If you've read one of my books thank you for reading! If you haven't then I hope you'll give one of them a chance. My name is PhantomSlayer. Feel free to call me Phantom. To keep this short for the list of books I'll just finish off with saying don't be afraid to message me or comment on my books. I'll try my best to get back to you if I can. Now here's the list of books I've wrote in order and under series to so its not confusing.

~~The Hethmeles (Heth-Mel- Ez) Files *Fantasy*~~
Book 1: A Werewolf Splits (Completed)
Book 2: My Demon (Completed)
Book 3: My Dragon (Completed)
Book 4: Return To Home (Completed)
Book 5: The Butler's Guardian Angel

~~Alpha Series *Werewolves*~~
Book 1: The Runt's Alpha (Completed)
Book 2: His Alpha Title (Completed)
Book 3: His Duty or His Alpha (Completed)
Book 4: The Alpha's Rogues

The Alpha's Pack (Oneshots/short stories)

~~Fairy Desendent's *Fantasy*~~
Book 1: The Fairy Descendant

~~Kingdom Of The Lost *Fantasy*~~
Book 1: Prince Of The Lost

Eshvalder's Festival

Turn Of The Tide
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Stories by Phantom
Prince Of The Lost by PhantomSlayer
Prince Of The Lost Fantasy
Allisris was once second prince. His elder brother disappeared and the true light of the villain became clear. Allisris was betrayed and his father ordered his death. Somehow though Allisris despite being somewhat...
Phantom Short Stories by PhantomSlayer
Phantom Short Stories Short Story
This will feature short stories that I couldn't see expanding to my length of story size. Hope you like them. Will contain themes such as cussing, sexual themes, rape, Boyxboy themes and more. You have been warne...
The Fairy Descendant (boyXboy) by PhantomSlayer
The Fairy Descendant (boyXboy) Fantasy
Tyler's got his hands full. A half breed fairy adopted boy named Baytalon. Due to reasons their always moving. But guess what that reason appears to be on Tylers side once Baytalon is taken from him. The struggles...
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