Hey, I just met you
and this is craaaaaazy
but I'm bored
and I don't wanna do homework
so can you make me some hot chocolate?
Denial is always the first stage

If warm milk makes you sleepy and caffeine makes you feel alert, then how the heck does coffee work?

Letters of Red- Mystery #649 (28/12/2012)
Log to the end of the world- Science Fiction #519 / Horror #557 (2/01/2013)

Really, though these old stories are only up for nostalgia's sake. If I ever post up my wiritng regularly again, I'm take 'em down.
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Phantasy Phantasy Aug 23, 2013 02:46AM
            Good question. Mostly, I don't know, but I think the web site blocker helped. I guess when you spend a long period of time away from... it just loses appeal.
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Letters of Red

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Description: Rosario is a hunter in training, one among many other students at the academy for Auter hunters. When mysterious red letters are sent to students, the student council is suspicious, and even more so when stude...


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Log to the end of the world

Log to the end of the world

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It's 2300, and the apocalypse has came and gone. The log to the end of the world is a tale of the surviv...


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Story Reading List

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