Hey duuuudes! (Imagine a Zooey Deschannel there, my personality resembles Jessie from New Girl a lot ^^)  
I am 21 years old and I absolutely love to write. However I am a very very very slow writer and it takes weeks after a next chapter of a story appears. So if you read one of my stories please be patient ;)
Another one of my hobbies is that I am a true and crazy fangirl. Yeah I love the world of Harry Potter and I am still disappointed, that I didn't receive my Hogwarts letter when I was 11. But I think that the owl simply hasn't found the way to Luxembourg and that the letter will arrive before my 20th birthday! At least I hope so. Alas it never arrived! I also love the british TV Series Doctor Who and nearly every other british TV Series, like Downton Abbey or Broadchurch and so on.
Oh and before I forget it all of my stories are written in German, but this does not mean that I won't try to write an english short story some time ;)

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