1. Random
2. Funny (I'm on that JunMoney humor )
3. Sexy (and i know it ;D)
4. Obsessed (mostly with Johnny Depp)

5. Psycho (so that means back the Frack up be-och! *trips over air and gets jumped* o_- ....shit....)

6. Very Very Very perverted O_O (no forreal tho...hide yo families y'all cause I'm out there somewhere >.> <.<)

7. BATMAN.....okay well I'm his wife at least. I'm not the REAL batman that would just be craaaaaazaaaay...haha right?......Or am i!? O_o o_O >.> <.<

1. French Fries
2. Johnny Depp and Exo
3. Reading (coz I'ms nerdeh like taht! *gets jumped by group of nerds....-_o....shit....x2)

4. Drugs...(jk jk jk im a good noodle).....
(Smok3 w33d erday )

5. Music
6. my family and my friends. (Yes I put them sixth on this list. Until they learn to appreciate me and respond to my informative emails that hold tons of awesome fun facts about Harry potter/EXO they shall stay at this position!!)

7. ONE DIRECTION!!!! I mean come on! Liam Niall and Zayn tho!! Can someone say sexiest threesome ever!?

9.k-pop (EXO-L WE ARE ONE!!) *fighting*
-Xiumin Bias
-Chanbaek trash
-Xiuchen mah Daddeh tho


1. Racism, prejudice, blah blah blah.
(The only thing you know bout me is my gender and my age so chill okie? None of that mean stuff around here. I could be a purple potato and still cuss ya ass out.)

2. Rudeness. (Nuff said. I'm not explaining further. Just don't bring it on my turf capeche?)

3. Being offended for no damn reason (you know who you are and if you get/stay getting offended easily then please see ya way off this page. As you can tell my humor is dark, dirty, and full out homosexual so please. Do us all a favor and leave. This ain't about you. Exit left please and thank you.) [there is no #nohomo rule here. We's all homo in this area. #alls the freckin homo got dammit]
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