"Writing is giving everything you have to something that may never work. Usually it doesn't."

Welcome to my page. We know you're here because you worship me and wish to make a lifelike monument of me. Unfortunately, I'm not about to tell you what I look like, so you're monument must be based off of my personality alone.

Seriously, I love writing. I've been through a lot in my life and writing always gets me through it. I've been writing since I was six and I'm proud to say, yes, I HAVE improved since then, thank you very much.

"Life is hard, but writing is harder."
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    I'm mysterious. You'll never know so deal with it.
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    4 years ago
PetalsAndThorns PetalsAndThorns 3 years ago
      I'm almost never on. I spend every second of the day writing , but I'm very self-conscious about showing it to people. You probably shouldn't expect the next chapter for months. Sorry.
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Blind Spots

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Description: Reya lives in a dominated world. Every person is strung up on puppet string and only one man holds them. The perfectioneer. His job is to correct all misperfections in the world. Those few peoples and objects...


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