Hi! I'm Percy's half-sibling, blessed by Persephone, and Apollo. O My fatel flaw is couriousity. I'm a Oncer and a Rusher. I am part of the Death note, Free!, OHSHC, Yuri on Ice, , SnK, Merlin, Sherlock, ML, , Nick Cronicels, The Last Apprentice, , and Voltron fandoms. I live in Gotham with my adoptive dad, Bruce Wayne, of you can't tell by my name. I'm bi. My mom is Talia ah Guhl. And I'm a hunter. I also recently joined the Hetalia famdom. Romano is my little marshmallow.

So here I'll simple it down
- adoptive brothers are Dick, Jason and Tim
- half brother on moms side is Damian
- half brothers on Papas side is Percy and Tyson

I'm Hero of Olympus and whatever else. My best friends are Austin Lake (son of Apollo), Peter Parker, Jason Todd ex-dead robin, Nico Di Angelo,the Supreme commander and super sizzed Mcshizzel bad boy supreme Leo Valdez


Sorry side-tracked anyway Will Solace (the awsomest son Apollo) and Barbra Gordon

I have a cat name Selina Wayne The Black Lion, and 2 fish named Red & Max.

My Wattpad family
- Comicnerdzrule • child
- ThatSpiderGirl • child
- LlamaBatgirl27 • wifey
I'm also a Warriors fan. For going on 4 years now, Birdfeather is my name for that. I'm in Thunderclan.

And my hero name is Sparrow.

Because -
Batman has his Robin, and where a Robin goes, a Sparrow follows.
- Sparrow out ;)
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Can we all agree that any time someone threatens to call the police on Richard John Grayson he is just either completely baffled or amused? Like...old lady annoyed at him says she'll call the police...
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