Almost in all sappy novels, there is a supportive, slightly crazy, mostly violent,understanding, over protective, avenging, bitchy character as the protagonist's bestfriend/sister.
She is always there for her friends, swears to mutate the dog that dares to break her friends’ heart, ready with an ice-cream tub and effctive punches. She is always up for a laugh and is often unintentionally, a source of humor due to her possible craziness.

Well, meet me, I am that kind of girl.
Feminist at heart and a possible ADHD.
My mind is always in the gutter, so do complete sentences when talking to me.
I write to vent out my feelings, so I mostly write non-fiction or poems.
I have anger issues, I do not lie, mostly.
I won´t lie to be nice.
I am quite violent. (I bite!)
I have got best friends ( @aditigupta6 ) that I can trust my life with and they don´t mind when I swear at them. (And I swear a lot)
I am allergic to jerks, they make me raise my hand up and let it meet with their face.
When I joke about something, I am usually serious about it and when I am serious about something, I must be joking!

~~~~"I can't write a romance to save my life!"-Percikingdawn
P.S. Some of the covers below are drawn by me. ^_^

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