Hello fellow authors,

I'm Zoe, an average Asian/Caucasian mixed short girl who enjoys writing.

I'm a huge otaku, and spend my time stressing about school and extra-curriculars. Most of my writing is done on fanfiction, and my more original works are here.

And if you were wondering, I do live on an island, called Oahu :)
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Day of Infamous Sorrow

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Description: Elliot Mcghee had a secret. A secret that he most desperately needed to keep. Things take a turn for the worst when he develops a deep interest with the man at the bar. His secret unravels as he learns he has to share his workspace and living space...

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Love is Many Things, but Not This (boyxboy)

Love is Many Things, but Not This (boyxboy)

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Series of one-shots for a story I'm planning to write later on. Won't be in order and it's not edited.

The Risk I Took (boyxboy)

The Risk I Took (boyxboy)

445 14 1

(So this is a boyxboy story, don't like, don't read) Most think that being a beta has many advantages...

Life Without You

Life Without You

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Lily has always wondered where her brother Luke has disappeared. Her mother would always avoid her quest...

A Collection of my mostly Angst-y Fanfiction

A Collection of my mostly Angst-y Fanfiction

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Combination of (but not limited to) Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Iron Fey Series, Fire Emblem Awaken...