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Bouncing baby boomer, computer geek, adventurous, small town gal. Lover of tropical sun, sand and hummingbirds. Guilty pleasure is watching "Mad Men" and "Undercover Boss." Propelled and compelled by a God-given desire to write, I have written seven non-fiction books (health and wellness, menopause, sweepstaking, and fun dinosaur anagrams), available on Amazon.

"Everlasting Love" will be available on Amazon in 2014. The novel is New Adult with a PG rating, as there are a few sexy details, but it doesn't head down the erotic path. Edgy because none of us is perfect, and none have lived perfect lives. I hope to portray this in the life of my heroine in the novel. She is a career woman, single mother, and looking for love in all the wrong places. She is imperfect yet good-hearted, holding onto hope against all odds, and striving for that perfect love that hits when we least expect it, and leaves us better than we were before.

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