Paybotic helps the cannabis industry and other related businesses with payment and banking needs. It meets customer needs by working with the best financial services and payment technology platforms to form partnerships. The technology platforms are made to protect and secure deposits, make reconciling easier, and give cannabis retail businesses a better view of their cash flow. Paybotic also has services for insurance, bookkeeping, and other financial needs.

What Makes Us Unique
The cannabis industry is still new in the US, and because cannabis is a controlled substance, there are a lot of rules about how it can be used. Some of the most common ways to pay, like credit cards, are against the law and can't be accepted by stores. Also, traditional banks aren't set up to deal with the rules that govern the industry, so it's hard for cannabis retailers to get small business loans or do transactions through banks.
  • West Palm Beach, FL, USA
  • JoinedApril 14, 2022

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