Hi ppls out there! *Waves, trips over my foot*

I'm all about music
Bands/Singers I LOVE:
Picture Me Broken
Swedish House Mafia
Likin Park
Lady GaGa

Yah that's pretty much my life.....jk
Okay so I believe in three things
1)Treat ppl how you want to be treat.
2)Everything happens for a reason.
3)Don't judge a book by it's cover.

I'm secretly a ninja, but it's a secret, so don't tell anyone. I like ceral. Hearts depress me. I stay up late ALOT so if u wanna talk toto me I'm on this thing like from 12:00pm-4:00am almost like everyday, because I usually workout during this time, and well i read when i work out. What? I like reading.

I love British stuff! I really wish i had a British accent :(

I love everybody, I'm a very nice person, unless you piss me off, then your going to hell. Lol jk

But i do get scary when I'm angry, but you have to really piss me off to get me mad.

I like being alone, but i don't mind company.

Hmmmmmm oh yah. I'm tallish. Like 5'7 . I like being tall, but sometimes it sucks. I'm the clumsyest person you have ever met, I can trip over air. Literally.

Okay so guys.... *Sigh* I have not yet found a guy who not a complete jerk, apparently I only attract one type of guy : one who will date you bcuz your pretty then either dump you for your best friend( it really happened), or treats you like crap bcuz they don't think you have feelings. Yah so guys are a touchy subject for me, but I'm not one of those who dates a guy for his 6pac or bcuz hes "hot". I personally don't care if your not the prettiest person, I just want someone who actually cares...*sigh*

Anyways I like anime, but not like obsessed. I can draw it, but i don't do it often.

I haven't got a fb yet, but i plan on it. I just keep forgetting lol.

Team Jacob!

Okay another really important thing about me.
I don't tolerate bullying/discrimination.Seriously do not bully.
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