I miss you, PG
          Balik ka na galit na to i mean hindi na pala galit. Hahahahahahahaha. I love you. 


Ate N! Ipislovessss! If you ever still remember me?! The kyut Elle? The kyut ipis you had ever known? The ipis that got away? Still remember me? Me from here, and you to the other side. We jumped together in the deepest point of titanic not knowing what awaits us there beneath the depths of the sea. We thought forever was just not enough for me to love you so? I spend another lifetime if you ever love me so. There's nothing I won't do. Forevers not enough for me to, love you soooo. *high pitch* *kyut piyok*
           I just lurked into your kyut profile ate to leave a  very kyut thank you message for adding my new kyut story into one of your reading lists. HIHIHI. XD Did you know? *insert brainblast tunog* That you are the first one to do that ate? Hehe. Yah ya yah I know di pa. But now you know that we had been perfect. Broking lungs. (I knooow. HAHAHAHA. Para maiba lang. HAHAHAHA.) 
          Thank you ate because you are one of those peoople who inspired me, and believed me, put your trust in me, and trusted me that I'll do enough sense with that story. HAHAHA. CHAROT. YOU KNOW ME WELL ATE THAT I CHAROT BEFORE BUT NOW IS DIFFERENT NA. *insert kris aquino laugh* CHAROT 3.0 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
          Yun lang ate. Sorry nadagdagan na naman ng kyut messages itong wall mo. HAHAHAHA.
          Ipis, insekto, hypoallergenic, insectipobe, kyutiesm,
          All the way from 3:23 A.M of insomniac hearts and minds,
          Bebe Kyutie Elle xxx (YAK. BEBE. Forget about the bebe thing ate. HAHAHAHAAH.)


Mobi! Mahal kita..


Musta po :))) happy summer po :) miss you so much :(




Aww. Pero at least. Kesa walang paramdam. Nakakaano, nakaka-lost. Char. Hahaha.


May nasi-sense ako. . .wait. Nararamdaman ko na. Ang presensya mo! Hahaha. Joke.


Hala! Nahiya naman ako te. >_< I miss you~~~