When do you think you’ll update your stories on quotev?


Will you be uploading the rest of kingdom of possession on here?? 


Will you ever write a sequel to the first chapter of "You're Mine, Only Mine"??? The chapter is called 'Passion Behind the Mask'
          I'm OBSESSED with that story and there's nothing like it! It's a total original and I love it!


Il your stories on Quotev! *-* I cant qait for your updates!


omg i read almost all your story's off of quotev and let me just say i am a biiiiiiiiiig fan of your work! to know that that your on wattpad now is even more amazing! just know i will support you to the very end because your amazing talent needs to be heard by everybody. :) bye!~


Me and my friend are crazy abt kop and wow hats off to you. Wonderful work...


I love your story, also you joined Wattpad the literal day before by Birthday


It's awesome to see you're on Wattpad, as I've been reading your story for a while now, but don't have a real Quoted account. Just want to say: excellent job and amazing writing. Cheers!


Thanks for coming on Wattpad!!!  Here I can comment on ur story.  Cause I cant login on quotev. Thanks a lot again. Hope u dont delete ur story here.