Hi guys! If you're here, I guess that means that you're interested in my writing. Or that I forced you to come here with my mind powers muahahahah.

. Well, I'm eighteen years old, live in Australia, I'm Pagan and proud and I LOVE to write. I've been writing for too many years for me to actually count. I'm writing a book that's not uploaded to wattpad (nor do I intend to do that, to be honest) but I decided I might start a few stories here to get some feedback and, most importantly, to let you guys enjoy my writing! I like to write about fantasy, adventure, horror, vampire, werewolves et cetera.

I also like to touch on real issues though, like drugs and alcohol and the related violence and abuse that is all too often the result of such things (and I must stress on this; JUST because I write about it DOESN'T mean I'm doing it, so NO accusations thank-you)

I honestly don't like to write about the real world. To me, that just wouldn't be fun. I like to think of a magical world where I have control of everything. And that's just what I'm able to do when writing. Anyway guys, enjoy! Don't forget to comment and vote! I know, it's a pain >.< but it really is appreciated! A comment all too often makes my day and sometimes even inspires me to write even more :)

And if you like my stories, please become a fan ;) I need more encouragement!



Also, here's my Facebook page. Ya' know, those annoying things that you click like on? Yeah, those. I want you to click like on one of those >:D

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Panthera-Lupus Panthera-Lupus Sep 17, 2012 08:20AM
A HUGE congratulations to Abigail Gibbs AKA @Canse12 on getting published! 
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