I love classical music, I play the viola and plan on learning the cello and clarinet one day. Other things I love are arts, the French, Russian, and Italian language, stories with fantasy, paranormal, and/or romantic components in them, and correct grammar/spelling. I'm very contradictory, looking strong on the outside but on the inside I am actually very weak and I'm very emotional and can have my feelings hurt easily. I'm a very shy person when you first meet me and I'm scared of many things. I do not like being in fights or anyone being mad at me or I start to break down and cry. I'm always there for my friends and I don't usually get into fights with them.
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Pan's Keys

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Description: At first glance, Pan appears to be a teen that never grew over 4'5", living with her jumpy, paranoid father in a rundown cottage in the middle of the wilderness but, as the old proverb says, don't judge a...


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