Hi! I'm Pagan! (: I don't really know what to say so... Im going to be random.

Stuff about me..

~I hate fakes & liars.
~I am crazy
~I Love Andy Sixx
~I'm Single
~I hate most people, but I'm always nice. <3
~I am scared to death of clowns... Dx

Things I love...

*Black Veil Brides
*Pierce The Veil
*Avenged Sevenfold
*Sleeping With Sirens
*Bullet For My Valentine

*Hanging out
*Tigers, They are beautiful, but like me will eat your face off it you make them angry!
*Football, like tackling people & stuff.
*Flirting ;) Just can't help it.
*Scary Movies
*Hot Topic
*Making Book Covers, All you have to do is ask.
*Black Ops II
*Boys <3 Yupp, I'm straight! But I don't hate!

Well I don't know what else to put, If you want to message me. (: I don't bite. Not hard anyways. ;)
Xx, PaganLou

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Living Nightmare [Complete]

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Description: What if you had a mother you never knew existed? And after sixteen years she finally wanted to show hereof. But not how you would expect. What what if she was evil? Would you ignore her and go crazy, or just let her have her way?


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