Chapter Eighteen of Stealing Time is finally finished and posted!  :D


I have to say a big big thank you for your really warm and perceptive comments on Electric Kiss- it's so great to get enthusiastic, thoughtful feedback which shows someone has taken the time to reflect.  I salute you!!!


The Chapter Seventeen Author's Note in Stealing Time has been replaced with an actual chapter!  Enjoy!


For the Love of Family: New chapter is up in time for Christmas.  Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


My short story Twenty-Three Weeks is in a voting contest on the website  The winner will receive a Facebook feature on the site's Facebook page.  If any of you have a Writer's Cafe account, I would be infinitely grateful if you would vote in the contest!  Voting ends on the 31st.  
          The website of the contest can be found here: 

          Thanks, and Happy Holidays!


@Poindexter Thanks for writing something worth reading and fanning ;)  Also, thanks for the offer.  Any advice and suggestions are always welcome, and if you ever need anything, I'm more than happy to return the favor.  Happy reading and happy holidays!


Thank you very much for reading and fanning. I'm not sure if I added your story to my list, but I do know that I'll continue it when I get the time.
          I'm not usually busy, so if you ever need anything I'm just a click away.

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