Hey guys! :)
I'm Emily. I'm 14, a freshman, and from Michigan.

I live for fall. Uggs, apple cider, hot chocolate, hoodies, leaves, colors, Thanksgiving, Halloween, raking leaves, jumping in piles of leaves, and cuddlingggggg......... With my Polish pillow pet. Yes, I'm a sad, sad individual.

I love:
One Direction
Cher Lloyd
Olly Murs
Writing (But math is my favorite and best subject in school)
Being able to speak 2 languages

One Direction:
These boys have changed my life. I have new friends because of them. I used to never talk to one of my now best friends until One Direction.
I have the honor of being the first Directioner at my school.
I've cried several times because of the boys.
I got to go to the Chicago 'Up All Night' concert where Ziam ripped Harry's shirt.
I have never met the boys :(
I had the chance to go to London in September, but my dad wouldn't let me go.
I'm planning on going to the 2013 tour with my friend.
I love all the boys equally, but the little Irish blondie has a special place in my heart.

Awesome people:

Follow me on Twitter: @emlitynski
Follow me on Instagram: @emlitynski, @louisquif
Kik me: emily.ig
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    I'm in a mitten surrounded by water
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thank you all so much for following me and for getting me to 400 "followers." i can't thank you all enough and i'm working on a chapter of TDL. I will probably have to put NYWM on hold for a while. i...
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