Ash She/They (constantly changes)


So I do be a kpop fan and a pretty big one at that.
My current main groups: Stray Kids TXT BTS Enhypen
Le sserafim Twice Itzy New Jeans and Gi-dle


Casual listener of: Nct WayV Shinee Treasure Seventeen BlackPink and Nmixx


In terms of anime i watch/read: Naruto Mha Haiykuu promised neverland
Demon slayer jjk and aot be on the list to watch or read


please never ask me my bias it'll keep me up at night (not like I sleep anyway I'm writing this at 3 in the morning). I'm ot in all groups I stan.


I currently have the one Seungmin book out by the name of Destiny
It doesn't make him my bias I just happened to be listening to stars and raindrops when I opted to write a book


Possible stories that I have no idea when are coming out (not all names have been determined):
Felix -Truth or dare
Han- Run


I have no idea when they'll be written. Probably some time at 3am.
Anyways that's all

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Even though I'm probably going to go through the same hell I went with with destiny, I've decided the new book is coming out for christmas
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