WE ARE Our_1Dirty_World. This is the second time I had to make this account because someone reported us! I really don't understand. So we're going to try this again, & post our most popular stories again. But PLEASE, don't report us. If you want us to take a story down, just tell us and we will. Our stories will also be on Tumblr! (Click the green house button to get to our Tumblr) - Art xx

So there is this hole in my heart because there are heartless people out there. Our hard work is all gone & the people we've met are gone along with them. It really hurts me to know that once was, is no longer. What we did to deserve this? I'd like to know the answer myself.

Shout out to my LERV @1Dimagines_ & my WIFE @LouisCraic_ Together, the three of us is #TEAMDIRTYMONKEY! Everyone is welcome ;) LOL

Well hello again. I guess it's a good thing we still have a page? I don't know. We might just get reported again & again. It just sucks that we have to start all over again, you know? It doesn't matter that we lost all of our votes, but we lost all of the people we've gotten to know. But I'm not going to think about that anymore, because we will never give up. And we will find all of our fans again!

HIII GUIIISEEEE! So I knew about the whole thing with our stories being deleted, BUT NOW OUR ACCOUNT??? WHAT THE FLIPPING PEGUINS?? Why are people so mean?? First my personal dirty account was deleted & now this! :'( Well I will still be updating "So Wrong Yet So Right" well, I have to rewrite the whole thing since it was deleted. BUT I'M ALSO STARTING A NEW STORY CALLED "Addicted" Whoop whoop! So be ready for that! :) Love you my sexual penguins!
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Description: **One Direction** Poor Louis got his heart broken the day that Eleanor ended their relationship. Now Louis’ heart is in shambles with no one able to pick up the pieces, not even his band mates. While Louis begins to push everyone away, and put on hi...


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21sammy posted a message to Our_1Dirty_World
Damn its been so long since i been on this page...i cant believe so much has changed, its crazy well i hope the best for Ireland i know how life can be :/ and i hope you guys end up making your own pages other than continuing on this one since this is where Ireland was with you guys so yess thats my opinion and possibly just start with different stories on the new account if you do choose to create one.
      Love, Sammy <3