Hey hey hey! welcome ladies, stalkers and freaky people whom I welcome with open arms.

In the last few minutes before making this account, I discovered something. Humans are selfish creatures and always will be. Every person has a selfish streak and sometimes the people we love the most are given more of a selfish streak. There is nothing we can do to stop the people we once looked up to and saw as our love one's from straying and leaving us. Then before you know it you are left alone in this crazy world with no one to lean on.

'Nuff said my homies.

Music is my life. I physically abuse music to the max. And I have a real weird taste in music. From punk pop to rock to Indian to whatever else.

Proud Muslim but I don't do no preaching stuff. You can decide whether that affects your ability to
read my story.


So blah blah blah and all that. Peace to the world. Stay of the streets children and ...respect your elders? (unless they try to feed you that nasty broccoli shit 0_0)

One last thing.
I'm the girl living in that little town where everybody knows everybody.
I'm the girl with a big dreams and the loud voice.
I'm the girl that spends her time dreaming of the big city.
I'm the girl that cried when Amy and Rory died in Doctor Who.

I want to write like JK Rowling
I want to sing like the green thing from teletubbies
I want to teach like Miss Honey from Matilda
I want to treat animals like Dr Dolittle
I want to travel like Dr Who
I want to solve crime like Sherlock Holmes
Most importantly I want shove a wand up Snape's ass just for being Severus Snape and wrecking everything for Voldie.

Please read BMS. You decide whether to vote or not but at least take the time to read it and really take it in. I will be uploading two other stories pretty soon and one cluster of of random poems.

Fifty3dreams xxx
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    New York...in my effing dreams
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    5 years ago
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If one person tells me that they want me to upload i will upload any takers?
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